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School Supply


Focus on Academic Achievement and Excellence for all CUSD students by maximizing students’

time-on-task for academic instruction and minimizing non-academic activities during hours

allocated for instruction.


Return to local control of CUSD Policies and Procedures by listening, hearing and responding to

Coronado parents in two-way communication through “town hall” style meetings.

Develop "Accountability Systems" for CUSD by involving administrators and parents in classroom


Restore Trust in the CUSD School Board


Public School Educator with10 years of overall experience teaching children ages preschool through 5th grade.

Graduate of Granada Hills High School, CA

Parent of four public school students



Bachelor of Arts, Liberal Studies,

California State University Fullerton

Teaching Credential,

California State University Fullerton

I am running for Coronado Unified School District (CUSD) Board.   I am a retired public school teacher, wife, mother and grandmother.  After spending over a year attending CUSD School Board meetings as a concerned CUSD parent, I believe effective governing is possible despite societal divisions.  As a board trustee, I will engage in informed debate and reasoned decision-making before the public.  The important work of governance includes budgeting, planning, internal policy making, managing the Superintendent, and communicating with the public.  I will strive to be a Board member to whom every mother, father, and grandparent can comfortably approach.

About Gerri:



I am running because I believe in CUSD. Please consider donating to my campaign so that together, we can bring academic excellence to Coronado schools.

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